Sustain Rural Communities and Their Gönpas
Support Novice Monks, Nuns, and Community Youth
Promote Integrated Scholastic and Dharma Education
  • To support Nepal’s Buddhist novices from all traditions in pursuing both secular scholastic and dharma study so that sufficient numbers of novices choose to grow into monastic positions that sustain the community gönpas, and dharma in the Nepali villages they serve.
  • To support novices choosing to leave the community gönpas as well as other community youth so that they may continue as lay Buddhist practitioners with sufficient knowledge, wisdom, and skill (both scholastic and dharma) to break the cycle of poverty they were born into, and to thrive in and contribute to their communities, their gonpas, and the dharma.
  • To understand the needs of gönpa communities and design, staff, implement, and sustain, with our partners and members, an integrated scholastic and dharma education program for Nepal’s community gönpas and the villages they serve.